Create a template

Carrying on with my desire to make my son love the idea of writing, I have
been experimenting with some techniques. I recently found success when I
made a template for him and encouraged him to discuss his thoughts with me
before he started writing. Here is an example of what the template looked
like. “One day I woke up and realised that my dog could talk”…………….I then
encouraged him to tell me what he thought the dog would say, would she
scold you for annoying her and pulling her tail or would she say that she
likes it went you cuddle up with her under the bed.

The dog then told me ………..

The dog said she liked……….

She didn’t like……….

She told me that she loved me a lot and I ……….

I suddenly realised that it was a dream and …………..

We spoke about the various things he could write under each heading and how
he could make sure it was linked to what he had written earlier. I think he
found this exercise fun and could relate to it and actually enjoyed
imagining what the dog might actually say if she started speaking suddenly.
I had to be engaged with him throughout and keep prodding him to write and
come up with another word but I am very happy with the outcome. I am sure
with time and practise he will reach a stage where he will sit in his room
by himself and let him imagination flow and produce beautiful pieces. Till
then I am happy to keep supplying him with ideas and encouragement to write
small pieces of work. Also in the end we took pictures of the story and
shared it with grandparents and his uncles and a few friends. Words of
encouragement from all of them made him very proud and he asked me what we
should write about tomorrow. So my takeaway from today is provide a
template, talk about what he might write in it and remember to share the
work to provide that much needed pat on the back.

Happy writing


Hello All – why I started this blog

The idea of this blog occurred to me when I constantly found myself typing, “how to encourage your child to write” on Google. While I found very useful tips and suggestions ranging from ‘providing different materials other than pencils’ to ‘making family journals while on holiday’, what I often craved for was a parent’s first-hand experience dealing with what I was trying to achieve.

I often feel that while technology has made our life easier in so many ways, it has at a certain level also attributed to reduced creativity in children ( why just children, even adults!!). I often find my seven year old glued to his iPad rather than playing with his toys or spending time in his room writing or creating something. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against technology or children using iPads. As a matter of fact I think my son learns a lot by simply searching for topics on the Internet. What I am worried about is that children are losing the love for the written word. It is so much faster and more convenient to send an email or what’s app message to grandparents than sitting and writing a letter by hand. I often find myself struggling to get my son to write a report on his holidays or his favourite football player. If you have lots to say on the topic then why the great reluctance to put it down on paper?

I am often told it’s a boy thing. While there could be some truth in the fact that girls are more amenable to writing at a certain age, I think that distinction needs to end at some point and I am determined to make my son love the art of writing.