Hello All – why I started this blog

The idea of this blog occurred to me when I constantly found myself typing, “how to encourage your child to write” on Google. While I found very useful tips and suggestions ranging from ‘providing different materials other than pencils’ to ‘making family journals while on holiday’, what I often craved for was a parent’s first-hand experience dealing with what I was trying to achieve.

I often feel that while technology has made our life easier in so many ways, it has at a certain level also attributed to reduced creativity in children ( why just children, even adults!!). I often find my seven year old glued to his iPad rather than playing with his toys or spending time in his room writing or creating something. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against technology or children using iPads. As a matter of fact I think my son learns a lot by simply searching for topics on the Internet. What I am worried about is that children are losing the love for the written word. It is so much faster and more convenient to send an email or what’s app message to grandparents than sitting and writing a letter by hand. I often find myself struggling to get my son to write a report on his holidays or his favourite football player. If you have lots to say on the topic then why the great reluctance to put it down on paper?

I am often told it’s a boy thing. While there could be some truth in the fact that girls are more amenable to writing at a certain age, I think that distinction needs to end at some point and I am determined to make my son love the art of writing.


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